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Henry James’ the Turn of the Screw Essay - 861 Words

Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw is written with one clear and true ending where Miles dies and the readers are left to guess the rest for themselves. Or is it? Right from the prologue, a reader may assume that Miles and Douglas are indeed the same person, but when the reader sees, â€Å"and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped.† P.403 one dismisses that theory as lost, but it isn’t. Perhaps one ignore the idea because of many unclear allusions to discrepancies. James’ use of deliberate vagueness was intended to create a second plausible ending. One may ask, how is it possible that Douglas and Miles are the same person if Miles died? James described that Miles’ heart had stopped. But there are two ways to interpret this, that Miles†¦show more content†¦304), and the governess the age of twenty, â€Å"the youngest of several daughters of a poor country parson, had, at the age of twenty, on taking service for the first time in the s choolroom, come up to London.†(P. 295) And its already apparent that they were ten years apart. There are many details about both Miles and Douglas, and all it takes is a bit of incentive to connect the two. Douglas clearly cares about the governess, and maintains personal connection to the story even though it’s been sitting in a drawer for twenty years. Douglas feels attached to the story because he lived the story so many years ago.(as Miles) â€Å"Nobody but me, till now, has ever heard. Its quite too horrible.†(p. 292) This shows that the manuscript isn’t just a good ghost story for him to tell people because he’s never shared it before. He also finds that Douglas’s audience is more perceptive than he appears ready. They make inferences about he and his love, and Douglas reveals bits and pieces about her. â€Å"I liked her extremely and am glad to this day to think she liked me, too. If she hadnt she wouldnt have told me.(p. 293) In th e story, she mentions several times that Miles was the most beautiful boy that she had ever laid eyes on, and over infatuation with the boy like that would easily lead Miles to believe he was the object of her utmost affection. To add to the fact that the woman he was in love with was the governess was when one of the guests mentions thatShow MoreRelatedThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1479 Words   |  6 PagesI. Henry James’s â€Å"The Turn of the Screw† a young Governess is hired by a wealthy man who is the uncle to two children that live in Bly, the estate and setting in which the story takes place. In the ghastly tale by James, the Governess begins to notice things that are out of place. The old manor is home to a host of souls that have perished previous to her arrival, which leaves the governess on edge as she becomes more and more aware of the odd happenings in Bly. The story focuses on the hauntingRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1379 Words   |  6 Pages A Screw Loose During the course of the novella, â€Å"The Turn of the Screw†, by Henry James, the governess continuously encounters ghosts that seemingly only appear to her. As the story progresses, the governess starts postulating a relationship between Miles, Flora, and the supposed corruptive ghosts. However, due to the fact that the ghosts are not seen when others are present at the time of the sightings indicate that they fail to exist. Moreover, through the evidence presented in the text, theRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James2418 Words   |  10 PagesThroughout the Turn of the Screw, by Henry James, we are introduced to four main characters; the Governess, Mrs. Grose, Miles, and Flora. Other minor characters in the book are Miss Jessel, Peter Quint, and the children’s Uncle. I think Henry James portrays each of these characters in a certain mysterious and ambiguous way, and this is what helps catch the reader’s attention. Some people believe that Henry James wants the reader to infer that the entire story was just a hallucination that the GovernessRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1029 Words   |  5 PagesMichael Walker Mr. Murray Intro to Fiction March 25, 2015 Turn of the Screw There are numerous approaches to view The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James. From being in class talking about the book I seen that there was distinctive comprehension of the book. The Turn of the Screw is a typical representation of the contention in the middle of great and fiendishness. I will translate the phantoms of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel as insidious powers. I perceive that the phantom just seem to the tutorRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James993 Words   |  4 Pagesthat are not even there. This causes one to doubt the very nature of things and can even explain why it is that things such as ‘second thoughts’ or ‘fear’ crosses the mind. Henry James, the author of The Turn of the Screw, uses these â€Å"defects of the mind† to destroy the barrier between reality and fiction. The Turn of the Screw exists in a reality that is retold more than once and in many instances, it depicts the twisted perception of a protagonist with an overa ctive imagination and even goes asRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1219 Words   |  5 PagesThe Turn of the Screw by Henry James (2010) is designed to have many interpretations in terms of its characters, chain of events and its narration. Many people believe the main idea of this narrative is whether it is apparitionist or non-apparitionist. They question the Governess’s ability to see ghosts. However, this paper will demonstrate that this narrative is in essence a love story regardless of supernatural events. Through the analysis of the frame, it is easy to accept that the Turn of theRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1077 Words   |  5 Pagesthat has power over them. Henry James wrote â€Å"The Turn of the Screw† during the Victorian Era; the Victorians which was known as the age of children. The idea of innocence was place on a child at an early age. Books that were publish in the Era of Victorian that focus on youth of a child. Children are supposed to enjoy life and being joy into it. They were the pictures of innocence but Miles and Flora had painted themselves differently. In Henry James’ â€Å"The Turn of the Screw†, the young children areRead MoreTurn Of The Screw By Henry James1012 Words   |  5 PagesTurn of the Screw by Henry James is a psychological case study of the narrator, the Governess, who is emotionally unstable with phantasms of the living which are merely illusions of her psychotic mind. The governess’s illusive mind leads to her obsession with becoming the heroine of Miles and Flora who she suspects are on the verge of corruption due to the supernatural activity of Miss Jessel and Peter Quint. However, her excessive obsession to become the heroine only leads to a major downfall becauseRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw By Henry James1992 Words   |  8 PagesHenry James called his short story, â€Å"The Turn of the Screw,† a â€Å"fairytale†. He also said that the story wasn’t supposed to mean nothing more than a little ghost story. It doesn’t matter what he originally intended, James’ â€Å"The Turn of the Screw† is a main topic of debates when it comes to literacy. They all have that one question: Are the ghosts real or is it just the governess’ imagination of twisted apparitions and illusions. There are critics who have come up with their own arguments with a lotRead MoreEssay on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James1925 Words   |  8 PagesHow far does The Turn of the Screw conform to the conventions of the Victorian ghost story genre? What alternative interpretations does it lend itself to? ‘The Turn of the Screw’ was written by Henry James in the nineteenth century, when the belief that living people were in contact with the dead was prevalent. In the Victorian era the advance of science was undermining religious beliefs, because evolutionists were saying that the world had not been created in 4004BC, as the bible suggests

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Chemistry Study Tips

Studying chemistry can be stressful and feel overwhelming. There is no magic formula for learning chemistry, but you can develop an effective strategy for success. Whether youre in middle school, high school or college, these simple steps will get you on the right track. Basically it involves not getting behind, doing your own work, and not psyching yourself out: Dont procrastinate!Cramming does not equal learning. If you wait until the night before a test to start studying you will suffer, your grades will suffer, etc. Chemistry problems take time to work. Chemistry concepts take time to master.Dont ProcrastinateIts worth repeating! In chemistry you build from one concept onto the next. You need a solid knowledge base to progress.Try Flash CardsHey, they are used in elementary and primary school because FLASHCARDS WORK. Some of the information gets learned while making the cards and the rest can be learned during practice. You get to switch around the order in which you view topics, which is something most notebooks dont provide. Get some index cards and give it a try!Try a HighlighterUse it judiciously. The goal is not to turn your book or notes fluorescent. Most texts already have important concepts in bold typeface. Unless your teacher is very unusual, he or she will almost always mention likely test questions, answers, and concepts. High light them! Some teachers take questions from a test bank, but those who write their own are usually keeping a mental tally of concepts while teaching.Use MnemonicsWhat you are doing here is taking the first letters of words in a sequence you are trying to memorize and making a phrase from them to serve as a memory aid. Example: the sequence of the first few elements in the periodic table H, He, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne could be (well, the one that came to my mind was actually dirty, which is easier to remember) Hi Henry, Lookin Big, Bad, Certainly Nasty, Old Friend - Not! Ok, it isnt great literature. One popular mnemonic device is for metric prefixes: Kilo- Hecto- Deca- Meter (liter, gram) deci- centi- milli- Kangaroos Hopping Down Mountains Drinking Chocolate Milk. Also, such phrases are even easier to memorize if you put them to music.  Work the ProblemsYou work through the example problem in the book or in class just fine. Great! That doesnt mean you understand how to apply the formulas when the conditions or wording changes. Its vital to work problems. I know it seems like a good idea to divide problem sets with classmates or to put down answers from the back of the book when youre short on time, but you truly need to work those problems to practice the skills you need for tests and beyond.Know Your TextDo you have a glossary? Answers to problems in the back? Self-quizzes? Appendices full of useful information? Find that out sooner rather than later. Learn your way around your text. Use the glossary. You cant communicate about a subject without learning the terminology.

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Prevention Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Sex...

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Sex Education among the Teenagers Health Promotion Health is a significant characteristic of human right that individuals require to handle with caution. Exactly how healthy individuals are trained and know the effect of behaviors, which can jeopardies, the health of an individual, create less pressure and easy work for their caregiver to deal with and aids in the health promotion. Current studies illustrate the individual’s well-being is significantly affected by the parents, families and friends practices. For example, a juvenile can be exposed or engaging in sex at the early stage of life, through his/her parents, friends, or colleagues without knowing the consequence of the health†¦show more content†¦Primary Prevention Primary prevention is the initial and the first level of health care, which is aimed and designed to inhibit or prevent the incidence of illness and to promote health. HealthyPeople2020 goals and objectives emphasized on the primary prevention in order to promote individual healthy living, healthy communities and healthy nation. Primary prevention prevents individuals from diseases by involving the caregivers to go into diverse populaces to teach and educate people, families and communities in different ways that can aids how to live a hale and hearty life. Health personnel generally educate individuals about protective measure that can be adopted in order to prevent them from developing any disease condition and to live a healthy life to their full prospect. An individual that is free of any illness and living a healthy life, not only help him/herself, but contributing to the growth and development of that community or the nation. Epidemiological Rationale Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a term used to refer to more than 20 diverse of infections that are transmitted through interchange of semen, blood, and other body fluids; or through direct contact with the infected body areas of an individual with STDs. STDs are also known as venereal diseases (Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 2008). STDs are

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La Malinche free essay sample

A paper which discusses the Mexican women who became lovers to the Spaniards during Spains conquest of Mexico, and how they are portrayed in Mexicos cultural history. Using as a background Bernal Diaz del Castillos book Historia de Conquista de la Nueva Espaa, written about the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century, the paper discusses the Indian women who were lovers to these Spaniards, the most famous being La Malinche, lover to Hernan Cortes himself. The paper uses the character of Maria lover of one of Cortes officers to show the history of these women and what drove them to so-call betray their people by sleeping with the enemy. The paper shows how La Malinche (and others) have been portrayed in Mexican cultural history as mothers of the mestizo children of mixed Spanish and Indian race. The paper discusses too how public opinion of La Malinche has changed during recent years, mostly due to the influence of feminist movements, who see her as a symbol of the endurance of the Mexican people. We will write a custom essay sample on La Malinche or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But there is another element to the original and long-enduring disregard and even hatred that has been cast upon La Malinche, and the other women who (like the Maria of our story) shared similar structural positions. Women who produced Mexican mestizo children have been hated by many Mexicans until the most recent generation not because of their betrayal of the Aztecs but because of their engendering of the entire race of Mexicans. It is because Mexicans have for so long hated themselves, hated their own mixed heritage, that they hate La Malinche and other women like her. It is only when Mexicans come to peace with their own mestizo heritage that they can possibly come to terms with La Malinche and revere her as the founder of the race. It seems fairly certain that she was indeed Cortess lover but also that she was faithful to him. This should hardly brand her as a whore.

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Critique Of Good Will Hunting Essays - Cinematic Techniques

Critique Of Good Will Hunting A studious young man, an open book these two images swirl around the screen in a kaleidoscope effect, this was the introductory scene of Good Will Hunting. This scene is followed by Ben Afflick, knocking on Will's door, when Will comes out a credit rolls by that says, screenplay written by Ben Afflick and Matt Damon, just as the two walk side by side. This shows how perfectly the makers of this movie have everything timed, down to the credits. Also, the timing shows when the professor's assistant and Will are alone and the assistant tells Will how lucky he is to have someone believe in him as the professor does. Just as he finishes saying this the professor walks in and suddenly the assistant has something better to do than just sit there so he gets up and leaves. The cinematography in this movie is good, as right of way the viewer of this movie knows Will lives in one of the poorer sections of Boston, as his front yard is cluttered with junk and the look of the neighborhood surrounding his house is anything but colorful. The neighborhood looks gray and drab. Also, one of the many settings is a local bar which has the look of a neighborhood bar with Christmas type lights strung and normal looking people filling the place. Another setting is a Harvard classroom and a community college classroom. In the Harvard classroom the students appear to be attentive, clean cut, well dressed, and enthusiastic, while the students in the community classroom are barely awake, dressed grubby, and aren't grasping what the professor is saying. The camera angles in this movie are as effective as the set appearance. When Will is trying to solve a formula he writes his work on his mirror with a dry erase marker. The camera blurs out will and focuses on the formula and also does the opposite. While writing the formula out, the shots fade to the same shot but at a different angle creating a feeling that some time is passing by. Also, to support this feeling each time the formula is showed there is more added to it than one can write in the brief moment that it took to come back to it with the camera. Additionally, the benefit of having the scene of him writing on the mirror lets the viewer see him concentrating on the formula and lets the viewer see the formula being written out which shows the viewer how intelligent Will must be, since the formula probably made little sense to him or her. Another effect was a fight scene captured in slow motion. After the fight scene the cops showed up and many flashes of the scene from different camera angles appeared creating a feeling of confusion and made it seem speeded up without it being filmed in fast motion. During this movie many close ups were filmed where the eyes were the only bit of color on the screen. When Will starts talking to prove a point, which is several times through out the movie, the camera zooms in on him concentrating on his eyes. However, while Will and his friends were in the car the camera looks at each one individually from a distance while mellow music is playing while it is getting deeper into the evening. This creates a feeling of a long day coming to an end with Will and his friends being exhausted. Robin Williams tells Will a story about a World Series game and as he tells it Will gets very into it and adds his recollection of the game. They start talking fast the more in depth they get into the game. As they recall the game, parts of the game flash on the screen as they seem to be commentating it at this point. One scene is of Will looking at a painting in Robin Williams's office. It's of a rowboat in the sea during a storm. The painting is mostly gray due to it being primarily of the storm but even that has several streaks of color in it. In the center of the painting is a small boat being rowed by a man with

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How Weather Affects Fall Colors

How Weather Affects Fall Colors Nothing says autumn quite like a lazy drive through the countryside with the sun illuminating oranges, reds, and yellows in the treetops. But before planning a day of leaf-peeping, its a good idea to check local and regional weather forecasts- and not simply for travel weather purposes. Weather conditions such as temperature, precipitation, and amount of sunlight, actually determine how vibrant (or not) fall colors will be. Leaf Pigment Leaves have a functional purpose for trees: They produce energy for the entire plant. Their broad shape makes them good for capturing sunlight. Once absorbed, the sunlight interacts with carbon dioxide and water within the leaf to produce sugars and oxygen in a process known as photosynthesis. The plant molecule responsible for this process is called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is responsible for giving a leaf its trademark green color. But chlorophyll isnt the only pigment residing within leaves. Yellow and orange pigments (xanthophylls and carotenoids) are also present; these remain hidden for most of the year because chlorophyll masks them. Chlorophyll is continually depleted by sunlight and is replenished by the leaf through the growing season. Only when chlorophyll levels subside do the other pigments  become visible. Why Leaves Change Color While a number of factors (including weather) influence the brilliance of leaf color, only one event is responsible for  triggering  the decline of chlorophyll:  the shorter daylight and longer overnight hours associated with the change in season from summer to fall. Plants depend on light for energy, but the amount they get changes through the seasons. Beginning on the summer solstice, Earths daylight hours gradually decrease and its nighttime hours gradually increase. This trend continues until the shortest day and longest night is reached on December 21 or 22 each year (the winter solstice). As the nights progressively lengthen and cool, a trees cells begin the process of sealing off its leaves in preparation for winter. During winter, temperatures are too cold, sunlight too dim, and water too scarce and susceptible to freezing to support growth. A corky barrier is formed between each branch and each leaf stem. This cellular membrane blocks the flow of nutrients into the leaf, which also stops the leaf from making new chlorophyll. Chlorophyll production slows and eventually stops. The old chlorophyll begins to decompose, and when its all gone, the leafs green color lifts. In the absence of chlorophyll, the leafs yellow and orange hues dominate. As sugars become trapped inside the leaf by the trees sealant, red and purple (anthocyanins) pigments are also created. Whether by decomposition or by freezing, all of these pigments eventually break down. After this happens, only browns (tannins) are left. Effects of Weather According to the U.S.  National Arboretum, heres how the following weather conditions at each stage of the leaf growing season work to the benefit or detriment of  foliage come September, October, and November: During spring, a wet growing season is ideal.  Drought conditions during the spring (the beginning of the leaf growing season)  can cause the sealing barrier between leaf stem and tree branch to form earlier than normal. This, in turn, can lead to an early shutdown of leaves: Theyll drop before theyve had a chance to develop fall coloration.From summer into early autumn, sunny days and cool nights are desirable.  While adequate moisture is good during the early growing season, it works to mute colors in the early fall. Cool temperatures and abundant sunshine cause chlorophyll to be destroyed more rapidly (recall that chlorophyll breaks down with exposure to light), thus allowing yellows and oranges to be revealed sooner, and also promoting the formation of more anthocyanins.  While cool is best, too cold is detrimental. Freezing temperatures and frosts can kill thin and fragile leaves.During autumn, calm days prolong viewing opportunities.  Once the autumn season arrives, l eaves need time for the buildup of chlorophyll to entirely fade and their dormant pigments to fully take over. Gusty winds and hard rains can cause leaves to fall before their full color potential is reached. The conditions that make for spectacular autumn color displays are a moist growing season followed by a dry autumn with warm, sunny days and cool (but not freezing) nights.

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Desktop Publishing (DTP) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Desktop Publishing (DTP) - Essay Example In practical use, much of the ‘graphic design’ process is also accomplished using desktop publishing and graphics software and is sometimes included in the definition of desktop publishing.† (Bear 2008) For the task of designing a newsletter to welcome students to the university, my foremost objective was to grab the attention of a new student who can be one of thousands on campus. Firstly, I have chosen a nameplate which clearly identifies the university and lends credibility to the publication and appended to it the â€Å"Welcome New Students† banner which also clearly identifies the publication as meant for new students. Red is the colour of choice for this banner deliberately so that it stands out from the rest of the page which are of more muted colours. In designing the nameplate, the right title must be chosen with important words isolated, the right type font used and size and position are carefully selected. (Gibbs 2002) The headline article affirms the new student’s decision of enrolling at the university and article content is the proud and warm welcome of the vice-chancellor. Although the article title is very noticeable, it is not expected that the reader will immediately proceed to read the lengthy article. Deliberately, a collage of interesting university photos have been used as visual for the article. Next, the resources at the university which should be quite important to new students is the next item in the eye path, so a stack of these facilities are immediately below the photos. The right hand column ends with the contact box which is another piece of important information for new students. The Choices at NTU list is designed as teaser items with graphic icons that depict what the resource is all about. Aside from drawing attention to each item on the list, the icon along with the type font used creates a visual element. â€Å"Nothing turns off a reader more